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During the first half of the 20th century modern medicine has made a tremendous progress in treating many chronic and acute diseases all over the globe. Today some of those diseases namely malaria, plague and small pox believed to have been eradicated is reemerging with increased intensity. At the same time ,certain new and more deadly diseases are also emerging. Speedly economic growth and consequent urbanization are inflicting another set of stress, enviroment and behavior - related diseases. And even  age - old ailments such as diabetes, infertility, and impotency do not have complete cure from allopathic treatment. So modern medicine is in the crossroads today and is unable to answer for all these diverse range of human ailments,while the world is entering the next millennium with a rapidly changing socio-economic system . Through out the world at this juncture,men/women are turning towards alternative systems of medicine,particularly "Ayurvedic & unani medicine" in search of answers to their sufferings.

Now the beneficial effects of Ayurvedic and Unani medicine have been accepted worldwide and researches are being made towards the progress of these systems. Various collage, research centres and clinics are coming up in order to promote these alternetive medical systems.

A common man, tired of the side effects of the so-called modern medicine is reverting back to the age-old traditional system to seekrelief. A time when morden medicine will only be sought for in case of surgeries is very near. 

Mankind has had enough of these disastrous effects and it`s now time to fight back. It`s now time to love yourself and stop your body and soul from suffering. We are the soldiers and our ideal is to achieve a healthy nation, A healthy earth. 

Ayurvedic and Unani physicians are doing their level best to help human race lead a healthy life. A great researcher, a warrior in this field, Dr. Md.Saood Alam has put in extreme efforts to serve the diseased. He has come up with a unique system of treatment, which blends Ayurvedic and Unani principles for the cure of diseases. His hard work, devotion and dedication towards the society has given brilliant results. Hundreds of people not only from India but also abroad flock his clinic daily in order to gain relief. Dr. Alam takes great pleasure to help the patients get rid of their suffrings.

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